It is over 10 years since the launch of, since then we’ve seen a lot of positive change not only at but throughout the whole technology industry. Computer components seem to be shrinking on a daily basis while becoming even more powerful, recently we’ve seen the rise of tablet PCs, the invasion of 3D TVs and the momentum gathering for green technology as everyone excited about what the future will hold.

While we consider ourselves honoured to be at the forefront of this revolution by delivering technology to the masses, so many people still do not have access to technology. The most recent UK government statistics reveal that 25% of UK households do not have a home computer and as you can imagine that figure drastically increases in other parts of the world.

Technology allows you to break down long distance barriers, gives you access to an endless bank of knowledge, it can simplify the most complex tasks and it facilitates a better quality of life, simply put technology is changing the world but we still have so much more to do.

This is why in conjunction with our partners from the technology manufacturing industry has established which among other things will support individuals, local communities and organisations through technology donations.